Vantage Protein Shaker bottle



The Vantage Shaker uses the latest design to remove the annoyances from conventional shakers.

We have made the thread on the lid course so it makes twisting the lid extremely easy to remove and replace without the fear of cross threading or under tightening.  It comes off easily so you don't find yourself struggling after feeling fatigued in the gym which we have all experienced! This also makes the product 100% leak proof.

The Shaker incorporates an angled mesh filter which improves the mixing of any powder and doesn't leave any clumps of powder in the lid.  This makes good use of the ingredient you have bought and saves money!

When you remove the lid the mesh filter is integrated together, this makes adding ingredients simple without having lots of components to remove like conventional shakers!

The Cap and Lid are not connected!  How many times have you taken a swig from your shaker and poked yourself in the nose, cheek or eye with the flip up lids?  Having the lid simply as a screwed, removable lid eliminates this annoyance...Simple!

Features Include:

  • 800ml capacity with measurements upto 600ml
  • Graded scale in ml and oz
  • 100% Leakproof
  • High quality non-toxic plastic
  • Mesh Snaps in lid making it less fiddly to add ingredients
  • Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe
  • Twist Lid & Cap
  • BPA and DHE Free
  • High quality plastic made in Europe!

Essential product for anyone taking supplements or living healthy!