Vantage is a UK manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements and believe in only providing products that we personally use ourselves and feel are beneficial for supplementation to a healthy diet. The industry is full of products which do not provide any actual benefit for consumers but are marketed in such a way that would have people believe they do and we feel this isn't right. 

We believe in trust, knowledge and innovation.

Through research we create functional products to help improve athletic performance and health for everyone, in a simple, convenient and effective way.

Our mission: To offer quality products that can help to improve athletic performance. We also provide top class customer service with our customers being our priority.

vantage [ˈvɑːntɪdʒ] 
An advantage in a competition or conflict; superiority.

hybrid [ˈhaɪbrɪd] 
A combination of two different things results in the development of a hybrid.

Premium Quality 
We only use100% of the finest ingredients in all our sports nutrition products, with independently conducted tests and verified certificates of analysis on the majority of our products. We are totally committed to bringing you the very best supplements available and as part of this continuous process our products are ISO9001, MHRA and FSA approved.

Customer Satisfaction
From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority. Leading edge innovation, strict quality control, lab testing and manufacturing are all very important but they are all done for one reason - to produce high quality supplements for you.

Formulated by UK Experts
All our products are designed by the leading UK nutritionists.

Trusted by Athletes
A rapidly growing number of athletes are powered by Vantage products and trust our products to be an essential part of their diet and training regimes. We do not add any banned substances to our products. For a full list of banned supplements and sport specific bans, please visit the World Anti Doping Authority website -

Exceptional Taste

We pride ourselves on the taste of all our flavoured supplements. Each product goes through rigorous trials until it’s just right.

Allergy Advice
Vantage products are manufactured in a factory which handles oats, eggs, Soya, peanuts, barley, and wheat. Although no nuts are included in the recipes of our products, we cannot guarantee that our products are free from nuts, oats, barley, and wheat and the rest of the above.

Vegetarians & Vegans
All of our protein sources are suitable for vegetarians. The protein we use is derived from cheese, milk or egg.
Our protein products are not suitable for Vegans.

None of our products have gluten sources added to the formula but all of our products are manufactured in an environment that handles oats, barley and wheat. As a precaution, we cannot guarantee our products safe for all coeliacs, however we do have many coeliac customers who use Vantage protein bottles with no problems. If you choose to use our products, we recommend you speak to your doctor or GP first to be safe.

Halal & Kosher
None of our products are suitable for individuals following a Halal or Kosher diet.