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Athletes - Farah Fonseca

Farah Fonseca

Arnold 2017 LW Finalist (4th Place), England's Strongest LW (-63kg 2016)

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Farah Fonseca Vantage sponsored athlete
Farah Fonseca is currently England's Strongest Woman (u63kg) 2016. Here's what she has to say.
"I've always been into fitness, luckily, my parents pushed me a lot when I was younger so fitness has become the only thing I've ever really known! I used to just train aimlessly in the gym, no real structure, just working on trying to become as lean as possible!
My partner mentioned a local Novice strong woman competition in my town and suggested it might be good to do to get my head into training again! I trained for it and competed (July 2015) and won! From then I've had the buzz!
I competed again in another novice competition in the October and came 2nd! Then went for England's Qualifier's in March 2016. The nerves got the better of me at this comp, and came 4th, still enabling me to Qualify for England's. Competed in England's in June 2016, kept my composure and felt silently confident and Won! Giving me the title of ESW!
Next on the cards is Britain's, Europe's for 2016 and have reserved my space for
World's in America in March 2017.

I aspire to come in the top 6 for the World's...Time to get cracking! Putting
yourself out of your comfort zone can give you opportunities you would never
have thought possible"
Farah also has a successful fitness company running bootcamps and fitness plans, feel free to check this out here:
We are pleased to support Farah on her journey and assist in her supplementation for these events.
Farah Fonseca - Vantage Sponsored Athlete Farah Fonseca - Vantage Sponsored Athlete