Athletes - Fynnlie Judd

Fynnlie Judd

Blue belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Amateur boxer, English NOGI champion 2015

Coached by Rocci Williams
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I have always had that competitive edge in sports, but my journey became clear when I started training under coach Rocci Williams of team SBJ (shoot-Box – juniors) this was back in 2013.
Although only a small MMA team SBJ have heart, belief and training methods that rival other top teams in the country. My natural abilities were evident in combat sports and it wasn’t long before I competed as an SBJ fighter.
Through a number competitions I gained experience that saw me face adversity, but with the support of my team and my desire for challenge these adversities helped lead me to the winning podium and dominate adult divisions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Nogi and submission wrestling.
The next challenge was set by my coach, and at the age of 16 I competed in my first Boxing match against a much older and experienced opponent. I dominated winning unanimously, my love for the square ring is now leading me on a journey to one day gaining world championship glory.
I wake up and I visualise that world championship belt around my waist, and before I go to sleep at night I see that belt around my waist. Every day is a day closer to that goal, I am young, hungry and disciplined.
My family, friends, Coach and sparring partners give their time and support to help in my journey and now with the support from Vantage, I really feel blessed as a young athlete.
I put no limitations on myself.
Fynnlie Judd ‘The Natural’

Pictures from the last win!