Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Vantage supply and sponsor events across Europe and the U.S and we may be interested in sponsoring yours. We receive a huge number of requests for sponsorship and are only able to supply a fraction of them with free product and/or pay for sponsorship. 

Vantage produce nutrition for most sports and if we cannot provide free product support for your event, then we are happy to offer your event special discounted pricing on all Vantage products. If you purchase product we will also provide banners and goody bags if required.

Your proposal should include:

Event Date/s
Event Type
Number of Participants
Event Website
Summary of Benefits/Requirements
Details of any other sports nutrition companies providing sponsorship
Any additional information

Please submit you completed proposal to the Vantage sales team
* Please note that proposals for event sponsorship must be received a minimum of 3 months before the event.